• Ruth Towell

A look through the window of Home Education.

During this period of lockdown schools have closed and many families have had to navigate bringing the classroom into their kitchens and living rooms. While this is a totally new way of life for most, this style of education has been adopted by some families long before the coronavirus outbreak. I was home educated for my entire childhood, up until the age of 16 when I enrolled in my local college to study photography.

This project was one of the first assignments I embarked on when I started my photographic studies. I wanted to share some of my experiences of home education by stepping into the homes of various families who have chosen this lifestyle and documenting their typical daily lives.

Home education looks different for every family; some have timetables and follow set curriculum, whereas others focus more on learning through experiences and following their children's natural interests. My own experience of home education was varied throughout the years, some times it was more formal with schedules and kitchen table classes, and at other times I would spend days making films and playing guitar.

If you're home educating your children right now, be encouraged - there is no right or wrong way to approach this. I've come out the other end of being taught at home and I don't feel like I missed out on an education or socialisation, in fact the time I spent discovering my passions has no doubt helped me develop my skills and grow into the career I now pursue today.

Enjoy looking through this little window into the lives of a few families who chose this way of life.


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