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Lockdown Reflections - Rev Helena

Updated: Jun 19

As we are standing on the turning point of the lockdown being eased in the UK, I decided to embark on a new portrait project. Capturing this moment in time, with reflections from individuals about this season and thoughts about how a post-lockdown world might look.

Each portrait is a window into an individual's life, shot through the window of their home capturing the invisible separation that lockdown brings.

This is Rev Helena del Pino, have a read of her story:

"I’m a Priest, Poet and Creative Yoga Practitioner and I have been sharing lockdown with my husband and daughter who came back from university.

Lockdown has meant that I have moved my yoga teaching fully online. I’ve also been making sure that our church is seen as very much alive, despite our building being closed. I have been writing and posting a poem a day on Facebook during lockdown to help the communities I am part of process the trauma of a global pandemic. As lockdown is eased I am continuing to write but no longer posting and a book of this poetry will be published next year.

Initially the challenges of lockdown was getting groceries as we are all in vulnerable categories in this house. Now it is simply missing the tangible presence of others.

This season has also bought positives that I would like to carry into a post-lockdown world, there has been lots of love and care, and paring back to what really matters. I am also enjoying spending a lot more time outside due to the fantastic weather in lockdown. I have had time to be creative and enjoy nature.

It’s too early to tell what the world will look like after lockdown. I always hope for a world where the hungry are fed, the sick are healed and the weaker members of society are valued and supported."

Poems of the Pandemic - Day 45

We make do and mend, Keeping our friendships alive On a tiled screen With tiny portraits Of familiarity and longing. Meeting in rebellion Of a pandemic That rips at the fabric of our lives. Friends, this is not the time For invisible mending, Pretending nothing has frayed. Get out instead your golden thread And let us stitch together a quilt With precious and visible suturing Joining together the mosaic tiles Of remote communication. Let us make a cover of affection, A comforting reassurance that Friendship endures And love is never-ending.

©️Helena del Pino, 1 May 2020

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