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Lockdown Reflections - Felicity

As we are standing on the turning point of the lockdown being eased in the UK, I decided to embark on a new portrait project. Capturing this moment in time, with reflections from individuals about this season and thoughts about how a post-lockdown world might look.

Each portrait is a window into an individual's life, shot through the window of their home capturing the invisible separation that lockdown brings.

This is Felicity, have a read of her story:

"I’m a Business Owner and have shared lockdown with my husband, daughter and mum. We have all shielded together as I am high risk. None of us have been able to go to the shops, or even a walk. We have been housebound since March 14th.

I run a telemarketing company as well as a business networking group. I have missed my networkers. While, I always thought myself quite a loner and antisocial, I quickly realised not only how much our local businesses mean to me but also how they influence me to keep going.

When we went into lockdown I realised I could no longer run my physical networking events, so I took the meetings online, something I would have never considered before. The meetings started with Talk Networking Online, a free event with up to 60 people where they can pitch for 45 seconds and connect after the event on a private social platform. I soon realised that it wasn’t enough and have since set up 2 more online networking formats to suit the needs for various personality and business needs.

I have been wanting to do an affordable peer to peer / mastermind event for over a year and running Talk Networking Online spurred me of to launch it quickly! VIP – Value in Peers which gives groups of 10 the chance to have nine 1-2-1 meetings and 9 coaching sessions in one. Realising that people were missing talking and not liking to be on mute I created Mingle – an online rotation room event where you meet in small groups and get to talk to each other, never seeing the same face twice.

These new online events have so many positives, from reaching new people to being more affordable as there are no costly overheads.

All the thanks need to go to the networkers who inspired me to do it. As much as I hate COVID-19 for what it is, I am thankful for the positives that have come from it.

Once lockdown is lifted I think they world will be very different. I like to hope as a nation we will try to take away the positives rather than focusing on the negative. There is so much opportunity to be had for businesses to review how they work, targeting and unlocking things they previously had never considered."

You can find out more about Felicity's online networking events here: https://talknetworking.co.uk/

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